Understand your colleagues and customers

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As a leader it is important to get the most out of your team. When it comes to compose the most efficient and versatile team it is important to include several different personality styles. Each group of personalities have its own strengths and weaknesses and it is a valuable to understand the dynamics between them in order to manage them the best way.

Personalities can be represented by colors according to the following groups:

  • Red: Goal oriented, powerful, efficient
  • Blue: Structured, thinker,
  • Yellow: Visionary, ideas, charisma
  • Green: Caring, practical, group oriented
High managers tend to belong to the Red group whereas HR tend to have a majority of Green people. This does not say that a certain group is better than any other but it is a fact that certain roles include a more dominant part of people belonging to one of these groups. This is no strange at all since different roles value certain personality traits differently.

Here are some tips that can be useful when it comes to understanding what groups your colleagues and/or customers belong to in order to interact with them in the most efficient way. 

  • Red: Keep it brief, ask questions, prove value
  • Blue: Go for facts and details, prepare well, straight communication
  • Yellow: Focus on benefits, news, cutting edge
  • Green: Thorough introduction, honesty, give time to think 

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