Do not try to change people, change their behaviour

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People do not like to change and it will take much time and effort to break this resistance. It is a natural behaviour to choose the easiest path if you believe it lead to the same results as a perceived rougher path. As a leader you will need to influence your team’s behaviour that will lead your company through the path that lead to success even if that path seems though. To drive and lead behaviour is a critical skill for any leader and therefore I will share some insights within this area.  

In order to affect behaviour of individuals in a team you need to have clear rules and adhere to them at all times in order to avoid confusion. Be aware of the ABC-rule; Activation, Behaviour, Consequenses. When you do an Activation (A) i.e. tell someone to change a behaviour, the individual will interpret the activation and execute a Behaviour (B). B is hopefully the expected behaviour and whether or not that is the case, some kind of Consequence (C) will affect the individual. B and C has close relationship meaning depending on if the consequence is amplifying or reducing the current behavior, the behaviour will be affected corresponding to the consequence. This is why consistency from the Activator is key.

To positively amplify a behaviour the consequence should be Positive, Immediate and Secure (POS). A Positive consequence should be used in order to amplify a positive behaviour but negative consequences is also a useful motivator that can be just as effective to prevent a negative behaviour. Some people are risk averse and is more motivated avoiding negative consequences (pain) rather than gaining positive consequences (pleasure). The consequence does also need to be Immediate so do not wait i.e. giving positive feedback until a personal feedback meeting once a year because then the individual will most probably not attach the consequence to that behaviour. The consequence need to be Secure meaning that the individual need to be sure that the consequence is a result of a specific behaviour in order to continue with it.
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