Social media: Business opportunity or playground?

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Is your company actively involved in the online communities via social media or have you decided to stand outside? Well the second alternative is not really possible since your company already is present in Facebook comments and tweets whether you like it or not. So, the question should be revised to “is your company actively involved or do you leave the control of your company’s brand on the web to the community?”

Earlier this week I attended a full day seminar in Malmö focused on business on the web. It became clear to me that you can not choose to be involved in social media or not but rather choose the level of control you want to strive for. If you do not engage in online community you risk dissatisfactioned customers and their comments to take up big space in the community unchallenged and affect your company’s brand. Your customers are there and also your potential customers so I would see this as a platform of customer service and business opportunities.

To reach out to customers and being able to respond to their questions is a time- and cost efficient way to create value. Your behavior on the web is a way to show your values and believes as a company that can reach lots of people and lead to business via referrals.

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