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Become effective through prioritization

You do never have time to do all things but you always have time to do the most important things. The sad thing is that most people does not know what the most important things are which lead to low progress and results. According to Pareto, 80% of your activity accounts for 20% of the results which also mean that the opposite is true i.e. 20% of your activities accounts for 80% of the results. How would your output be affected if you contineously focused your effort on the the most important things? In order to increase the likelihood of succeeding in life, you need to learn how to prioritize.

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The Myth of Multi-tasking

An important character trait in many recruitment adds for sales people is to be able to handle “many balls in the air simultaneously”. I think this is a harmful perspective on a salesman since the only way to handle this many balls (read tasks) simultaneously is to throw the balls as far away from you as possible in order to do some real work before catching the next ball. I claim that no one can do anything effective while multi-tasking (no not even women).

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Do not try to change people, change their behaviour

People do not like to change and it will take much time and effort to break this resistance. It is a natural behaviour to choose the easiest path if you believe it lead to the same results as a perceived rougher path. As a leader you will need to influence your team’s behaviour that will lead your company through the path that lead to success even if that path seems though. To drive and lead behaviour is a critical skill for any leader and therefore I will share some insights within this area.   Read more »

Understand your colleagues and customers

As a leader it is important to get the most out of your team. When it comes to compose the most efficient and versatile team it is important to include several different personality styles. Each group of personalities have its own strengths and weaknesses and it is a valuable to understand the dynamics between them in order to manage them the best way.
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Make compelling presentations

Presentation and communication skills are essential for all sales people and leaders. If you can not get your message across appropriately there is a risk people do not understand, or worse, not buying in to your ideas. Yet so many people ignore the value of professional presentations and settle for mediocre ones. Many people are looking down on PowerPoint presentation with comments as “The best sleeping pill” and “Death by PowerPoint” but I think it is too easy blaming a tool when the real problem is the operator.
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Set goals and reach further

Someone said that “If you do not know where you are going, you are never lost” but I would rather say “If you do not know where you are going, the chance of ending up where you really want to be is slim.” People tend to discuss goals around new years eve but unfortunately most of them do not evolve to anything else than just a small talk. It is a shame that so many people have not realized the power of goals and sees it as something painful and unnecessary when they really should see it as something inspiring and powerful. Read more »

Managing a (dysfunctional) team

When I got my first job as a manager at a quite young age I got excited, “This is a big career move!”. I think one reason I got the job was because I had enough tecnical skills and I gladly shared my knowledge with others and trained many people within my area of expertise. I did not really get any management training in the beginning but rather tried to figure it out how to do along the way. I did not like reading books at that time but I remembered a friend of mine who recommended a book called “The 5 dysfunctions of a team” so I though I should give it a try. Read more »

Motivate people – an impossible mission?

The ability to motivate your employees is often considered an important attribute of a leader. But some people say that it is impossible to motivate another human being because motivation need to come from within themselves. They mean that the only thing you can do as a leader is to provide the right environment and conditions for people to find their own inspiration. I think that both sides are right, I agree that motivation need to come from within in order to last and reach its full potential but I also believe that it is possible to motivate another human being. Read more »